Your eyesight is one of the most important senses. When you have a problem with it, contact lenses assist you in correcting it effectively and discretely. Currently, there are two kinds of contacts, soft lenses, and rigid gas permeable (RGP). These different kinds of contacts require separate types of care. Therefore, to ensure their optimum use, cleaning them should be a top priority

However, each of these has a set of instructions on how to clean dirt off your contact lenses. Regardless of the kind of lenses you are using, handling them properly is important. Cleaning your lenses after every use is imperative. Additionally, you should also clean dirt off your contact lenses every time they are dirty or fall out. Every time you handle lenses, always make sure that your hands are clean.

Here Are More Tips On How To Clean Your Contact Lenses:

How to clean your contact lenses

1. Wash your hands with clean, warm water and mild soap. Contact lenses are a medically recommended item. Therefore, they require to be handled hygienically. Failure to do this may introduce germs and bacteria to your eyes and the lenses. Washing your hands with harsh soap may irritate your eyes. Hence, using mild soap is safe. Make sure you dry your hands thoroughly using a clean towel.

2. Always remove your lenses in the same order each time to avoid confusion. Open the case of the lenses one side at a time. Rigid contacts tend to have a lens holder, therefore, open one side of it first.

3. Use your finger pad to remove one lens at a time. Do this by gently holding and drawing the lens to the underside of the eye, and then pulling it away. You may choose to utilize a suction cup to take out rigid lenses. Ensure that you place the cup over the individual lens that you are removing and rinse it with the lens solution after use.

4. Before cleaning the contacts, examine them for any unusual marks or dirt streaks. Dirt streaks may be cleaned by additional rubbing. However, care should be taken while doing this, since lenses are soft and delicate. In case you notice any tears or damages on them, discard the lenses safely.

5. After removing the contact, place it on your hand with the curved side up. This is the side that comes directly in contact with your eye.

6. Spray the specified lens solution on the contacts and ensure it spreads evenly on both sides. Make sure the solution drains slightly before you continue with the cleaning process.

7. Rigid lenses have their cleaning solution and they should be cleaned while they are still in the contacts case. To reduce infections, each lens has its compartment and they are cleaned separately. Submerge the contacts with the specified solution and leave them there overnight. However, you may choose to soak them for at least six hours if there are time restrictions. Failure to follow these instructions may irritate your eyes.

8. Soft lenses are cleaned by gently rubbing them using your finger pad on your palm. Ensure that you have adequate lens solution while doing this. If they are excessively dirty, you can choose to clean both sides of the lens.

9. Never be tempted to clean the contacts with plain water, saliva, or unspecified solutions. This is because they might lead you to contract an eye infection and they will not clean them effectively. To avoid inconveniences, always discard temporary lenses according to the required time frame.

10. If you notice any dirt after cleaning the lens initially, you may repeat the process. Finally, spray the solution on the contacts to completely eradicate the dirt.

Storing your lenses is equally important as cleaning them. Consequently, after you complete the cleaning process, store them well. This is done by keeping each lens in a different compartment of the case. Often, each lens has a separate prescription intended for a different eye. As a result, mixing them up may lead to contamination.

Apart from cleaning your contacts daily, ensure that you keep them clean at all times. If you wear disposable ones, ensure that you change them as often as it is recommended. Inquire from your doctor when you should change your rigid lenses. Moreover, if you clean them well and take care of them effectively, they may last for more than a year. Here are other

Tips on how you can take care of your contacts efficiently.

1. If you’re using rigid lenses, ensure that you discard the old solution after you wear your contacts. Never mix the old dirty solution with a fresh batch because it will not clean the lenses adequately.

2. After you have discarded the old solution, spray the solution on the contacts case and unscrew the compartments and spray them also. Rinse the sides and allow them to dry naturally. This sterilizes the case.

3. Change the case as recommended. This is because the germs and bacteria may remain in it and taint the lenses. You should do this every three months. You may boil it thoroughly after this time frame if changing it is challenging.

5 Tips for Wearing Contact Lenses

Over 45 million people wear contacts, according to the American Optometric Association. That number is expected to rise by the end of the year. If you switched over to Acuvue Oasys 12 Pack contact lenses, then you know the daily struggle. Here are 5 tips for wearing your contact lenses as little as possible, so you don’t go through your Acuvue Oasys 12 package.

See Your Eye Care Professional for a Fitting

While you can purchase contact lenses off the shelf, it’s best to get a professional fitting first. Most eye care professionals require a proper fitting before purchasing contact lenses for the first time. You want to ensure that you have the right prescription for your specific problem or need. This includes colored contact lenses as well.

With the right prescription, you’ll reduce your risks of damage, discomfort, and infection. During the fitting, you should determine whether you like hard or soft lenses. You’ll also want to find out if you prefer dailies, monthlies, or weeklies. Your eye care professional can explain all of your options so you can make an informed decision. You’ll learn about which ones fit you best.

Keep Your Contact Lenses Clean

If you used to wear eyeglasses, then you know how important it is to wear them while they’re clean. The same goes for your contact lenses. Dirty contacts are much more dangerous than dirty eyeglasses since they contain bacteria. Wash your hands before handling them.

You should also keep your Acuvue Oasys 12 Pack contact lenses in a solution to disinfect them. Replace the solution regularly and don’t touch it with your fingers or any exposed surfaces.

Don’t Overwear Your Contact Lenses

Ideally, you shouldn’t wear your contact lenses all day long. Overwearing them can cause serious problems for your eyes and vision. The tiny holes inside contact lenses get clogged from overuse. This is why it’s so important to clean them on a regular basis.

Not only should you remove your lenses to clean them, but also to give your eyes a break. If your eyes are irritated, then remove your contacts. The best time to remove your contacts and give your eyes a break is when you’re resting at home. By removing them and switching over to glasses, you’ll allow your eyes to breathe.

Switch to Glasses Every So Often

That brings you to your next point. You should switch over to eyeglasses every so often, especially if you suffer from dry eyes. This is often caused by eye strain or overuse. Being aware of your body’s responses to contact lenses can prevent further problems from happening. You can also use eye drops to help treat your eyes.

But the best way to prevent eye strain is to wear eyeglasses. Wear your contact lenses during special occasions or as little as possible. This will provide your eyes with the relief you need.

Protect Your Eyes From the Sun

While UV-blocking contacts can protect your eyes from the sun, they don’t protect you from UV light. You should still wear sunglasses on the sunniest days of the year. They can provide you with additional protection when the sun is up. The great thing about sunglasses is that they’re super stylish to wear.

Now you know the top 5 tips for wearing contact lenses. You should allow yourself time to get used to your contacts. It may seem strange at first and could take some getting used to. But don’t let your new Acuvue Oasys 12 package prevent you from having better vision.