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Great for individuals and for small or large group settings, this book includes questions for reflection and discussion with each chapter. This Book We Call The Bible: A Study Guide For Adults (9780664501860) by James E. Davison. This Book We Call the Bible: A Study Guide for Adults [James E. Davison] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Neither a traditional study of specific books or sections of the Bible, nor a doctrinal study that concentrates on such issues as revelation and authorityAuthor: James E. Davison.

The Call Bible Study Book is an intentional 6-session disciple-making study that answers the question "Who am I as a disciple of Christ?" More than a Bible study on identity, The Call is a disciple-making resource that emphasizes practice and mentoring for group settings of multiple sizes to take disciples on a journey into what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.Binding: Paperback. We Over Me - Audio Sessions. We Over Me — Audio Sessions (for individual listening) by Whitney Capps are 9 individual, downloadable audio sessions. In the opening 3 chapters of Revelation, we .

Mar 29, 2016 · We used this book in our adult Sunday School during January 2016. Our study of the book was complemented by a DVD and a leader guide. I thought the book was well written and the DVD was excellent having been filmed on location in the places Paul taught/evangelized. The book is good on its own but it extremely effective when paired with the DVD.4.5/5(152). Augsburg Adult Bible Studies Leader Guide Standing Order Augsburg Adult Bible Study is a year-round Bible study that is released quarterly and is based on a six-year cycle as found in the International Uniform Lesson Series (National Council of Churches).