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Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Why Choose Vanderbilt. National recognition. Vanderbilt Heart and Vascular Institute is among the best heart programs in the nation and the top-ranked program in Tennessee, according to U.S. News & World Report.Vanderbilt University Medical Center is ranked the No. 1 adult hospital in Tennessee. Depending on the type of congenital heart defect you have, your doctor may recommend surgery to repair it. Heart surgeons at NYU Langone’s Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program are experienced in treating adults with congenital heart disease, including those newly diagnosed and those who were diagnosed and treated during childhood.

Joseph A. Dearani, M.D. Rochester, MN; Areas of focus: Aortic valve repair and replacement, Congenital heart disease surgery, Heart transplant, Heart valve repair, Minimally invasive heart surgery, Mitral valve repair and replacement, Neonatal and pediatric heart surgery, Pulmonary valve repair and replacement, Robotic heart surgery, Septal myectomy, Tricuspid valve repair and replacement. Treating congenital heart defects in adults is to understand the continuum of the disease from its infancy. The Adult Congenital Heart Association brings together valuable research, training opportunities and standards of care to help you help your patients and further .

Q: What is congenital heart disease? A: A congenital heart defect is an abnormality in the heart, heart valve, or great vessels that is present at birth. Some defects affect the function of the heart muscle, others affect the heart's rhythm, and some cause blood to be poorly oxygenated or to flow improperly. Congenital heart defect - Wikipedia.