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Diabetes Statistics for New York State and the Nation New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) Data: Surveillance Reports: Diabetes Management and Care among New York State Adults, Prepared in 2012 (PDF); Adult Diabetes Prevalence in New York State, Prepared in 2011 (PDF) ; Information for Action (IFA) Fact Sheets. Adult Diabetes Prevalence in New York State examines data on the prevalence of diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes, prediabetes, and gestational diabetes among New York State (NYS) adults. Using the NYS Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System .

The prevalence of diabetes among adult New Yorkers increases with age, rising from 0.9 percent of individuals in the 2534 age range, to-5.4 percent between 35 and 44, 11.3 percent between 45 and 54, 16.6 percent between 55 and 64, and 22.8 percent among those who were 65 . Adults with diabetes are 40% more likely to be overweight or obese1 than those without diabetes (Figure 2-1). While the prevalence of overweight or obesity is lower in New York City than nationwide (54% vs. 65%), more than half of NYC adults are overweight or obese, and 1 in every 5 .

Jun 19, 2019 · Type 2 diabetes is a disease that affects how your body uses glucose (sugar). Normally, when the blood sugar level increases, the pancreas makes more insulin. Insulin helps move sugar out of the blood so it can be used for energy. An estimated 987,000 New Yorkers have diabetes, and 19% among them don’t know they have it. 40% of elementary school children are overweight, which puts them at risk for diabetes. Uncontrolled diabetes can cause blindness, end-stage renal disease—which may require dialysis—and lower extremity amputations in adults.