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Clinical Documents Acute Stroke Algorithm Acute ICH Treatment Algorithm Alcohol & Substance Abuse Program Adolescent Substance Abuse Services Adult Burn Estimation Chart Adult Emergency Care Protocols AFib Flowsheet AFib Orders Sheet Anticoagulation Reversal Guidelines in the ED Bronchiolitis Evaluation and Treatment of Children in the ED Chest Pain – 72 Hour Stress Testing Algorithm Chest . Cardiac Emergencies Section A 10 1/2016 POST CARDIAC ARREST COOLING NOTE: Mild to moderate hypothermia (32-36 degrees C) has been shown to improve overall survival from cardiac arrest and to improve neurologic outcomes in several studies following certain types of cardiac arrest.

I. Physician Orders for Extraordinary Care 20 Universal Algorithm for Adult Emergency Cardiac Care for ALS 53 Universal Algorithm for Pediatric Emergency Cardiac Care for BLS (NEW '16) 54 Universal Algorithm for Pediatric Emergency Cardiac Care for ALS (NEW '16) 55 G. Bradycardia 56 Adult Bradycardia Algorithm 57. These adult reusable training defibrillation pads, when used with the Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Trainer, allow you to simulate hands-on rescue scenarios. Reusable All orders are shipped via ground except for certain larger orders, ambulance cots, etc. which ship via commercial trucking service.

A client in ventricular fibrillation is brought into the emergency department. The advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) nurse prepares to defibrillate by placing conductive gel pads on which part of the client's chest? 1. The upper and lower halves of the sternum 2. Parallel between the . Cardiac Science Adult Powerheart®AED Pads are non-polarized, so that either pad can be placed in either location, simplifying the rescue. These defibrillation pads can be used with all Powerheart AEDs.