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The full-blown expression of hypothyroidism is known as myxedema. Adult myxedema escaped serious attention until Gull described it in 1874 1. That it was a state resembling the familiar endemic cretinism, but coming on in adult life, was what chiefly impressed Gull. Ord 2 invented the term myxedema in 1873.Bookshelf ID: NBK285561. Myxedema is more common in women than in men. Myxedema can occur in: Hyperthyroidism, associated with pretibial myxedema and exophthalmos. Pretibial myxedema can occur in 1–4% of patients with Graves' disease, a cause of hyperthyroidism. Hypothyroidism, including Hashimoto's thyroiditis. [citation needed] PathophysiologySpecialty: Endocrinology.

Adult Hypothyroidism Authors. Wilmar M. Wiersinga, M.D. Department of Endocrinology F5-171 Academic Medical Center Meibergdreef 9 NL-1105 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands Tel: 011-31-20-566-6071 Fax: 011-31-20-566-4440; 9.1 HISTORICAL. The full-blown expression of hypothyroidism is known as myxedema. Jul 06, 2017 · Myxedema is a result of undiagnosed or untreated severe hypothyroidism. It can also develop when someone stops taking their thyroid medication. It’s more common in Author: Jacquelyn Cafasso.

Start studying Thyroid & Anti-Thyroid Drugs. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. • adult hypothyroidism (myxedema) Uses for Thyroid Hormone: • cretinism • adult hypothyroidism (myxedema) • Weight loss, heat intolerance, nervousness, palpitation, bowel frequency, insomnia, abnormal menses. Hypothyroidism, also called underactive thyroid or low thyroid, is a disorder of the endocrine system in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. It can cause a number of symptoms, such as poor ability to tolerate cold, a feeling of Pronunciation: /ˌhaɪpəˈθaɪrɔɪdɪzəm, -poʊ-/.

INTRODUCTION. In most patients, hypothyroidism is a permanent condition requiring lifelong treatment. Therapy consists of thyroid hormone replacement, unless the hypothyroidism is transient (as after painless thyroiditis or subacute thyroiditis) or reversible (due to a drug that can be discontinued). Jul 13, 2019 · Usual Adult Dose for Myxedema Coma. Myxedema coma is a life-threatening emergency characterized by poor circulation and hypometabolism, and may result in unpredictable absorption of the oral dosage form of this drug from the GI. Only the IV dosage form should be used for this condition: IV: Initial loading dose: 300 to 500 mcg IV -Maintenance 6.5/10.