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I was willing to have Mr. P admitted and have a negative work-up than for him to be discharged and return critically ill. This incident with Mr. P. taught me a great lesson that I now incorporate into my nursing practice. Each and every patient visit must be treated uniquely. Exemplars in a Concept Based Curriculum You are a member of the curriculum committee charged with developing a Concept Based Curriculum (CBC) for your pre-licensure nursing program. Your group has identified the concepts important to build your curriculum and now you must choose the exemplars that will be integrated to each course.

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NSG-202: Medical-Surgical Nursing III. Credit Hours. 6.00. Course Description. Focuses on nursing care and concepts related to the healthy adult client as well as the adult client with common, acute, or chronic illness exemplars. Emphasizes the use of critical thinking skills in a systematic, problem solving process, as a framework for. • Nursing Process • Critical Thinking Caring Interventions Caring interventions are those nursing behaviors and actions that assist clients in meeting their needs. These interventions are based on a knowledge and understanding of the natural sciences, behavioral sciences, nursing theory, nursing research, and past nursing experiences.

Course Course Description Concepts Exemplars Population 2 Nursing Pharmacology This course introduces the nursing student to SLE Adult HIV Sensory/Perception Nursing Care of People with Hearing loss Elders Surgical incisions Across the lifespan Mobility. Jan 15, 2017 · She was very angry with me after I took away her first real meal she was having in 5 days. After the physicians came to see Lynda and she had a swallow evaluation preformed it was decided that the best option for Lynda would be to have a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) .