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Aug 18, 2014 · 5 Essential Tips for How to Clean Your Sex Toys. After reveling in post-climax bliss, it's crucial to clean the device that sent you over the edge. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting a Author: Faye Brennan. Dec 04, 2016 · How to Clean Your Sex Toys. Here are a few ways to ensure your toys stay fresh, clean, and sanitized. In about 10 minutes the UV-C light kills 99.9 percent of Author: Emily Morse.

Regularly cleaning your sex toys will keep the material and motors in shape, so that they last longer, says Claire Cavanah, co-founder of Babeland, a sex shop in New York City.Not to mention, your Author: Cory Stieg. Use a damp, soapy washcloth to clean your electric toys, preferably with anti-bacterial soap. Keep toys stored in a container or pouch (to keep them clean) and in a cool, dry place. Cleaning non-porous materials: glass, stainless steel, hard plastic, and silicone. Glass: Wash glass toys with soap and water. Pyrex toys are dishwasher safe.

Clean Your Sex Toys Properly Based on Material. sex toys clean so you don't spread bacteria to yourself or your partner(s). Health and beauty site Divine Caroline suggests adult toy cleaner Author: Tessa Miller. Most toys can be cleaned with soap and water or with a special sex toy cleaner. However, you'll want to be sure to keep water away from any vibrating motors and/or battery compartments, including small crevices in the toys that might leak water to these parts. Glass dildos and vibrators are among the easiest to clean as they are non-porous.

The best way to keep your toys looking and performing like new is to keep them clean regularly – ideally before and after each use. Basic Sex Toy Cleaning Rules There are two basic ways to clean sex toys. The traditional method involves washing your toy in warm, soapy water, rinsing it off, and then drying it with a clean towel.Author: Adam. To find out everything about wood sex toys, check out this guide. How to Clean Your Wood Sex Toy: Most wood sex toys are finished in a polyurethane or lacquer that is body-safe, but some smaller crafters only rub in a few coats of wax or oil. In these cases, your .