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Charlie Brown's mother is rarely referred to, and the parents of some later arrivals (such as Eudora) are never cited. The only parents who have ever appeared in the Peanuts comic strip are Snoopy's parents who are, of course, not human. Grandparents, in fact, are cited more often than parents are, especially in later years of the strip. Peanuts Producer: Where That Adult 'Mwa-Mwa-Mwa' Sound Came From. I was reading a comic strip about Charlie Brown. I looked [Peanuts creator] there would not be any adults on the shows. So Author: Andy Lewis.

Mar 12, 2009 · The instrument behind the adults on the Peanuts. BY David K. Israel. March 12, 2009. Ever wonder what instrument was used to make that funny . Adults in most of the Peanuts animated cartoons are only heard by the unintelligible (to the audience) sounds of a trombone (wah-wah-wah). The Little Red-Haired Girl (Charlie Brown's crush), seen in many animated television specials where she was known as "Heather", but was never seen in the strip itself (except once in silhouette).