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Masturbation and testicular size. Testicular size can be negatively affected by the following issues: Certain medications such as Propecia. Infection of the testicles and/or scrotum. Alcohol abuse. Increased emotional and physical stressors which cause a reduction in testosterone levels. Advanced age due to decreased blood flow to the pelvis.Author: Chris Smith, MD. Answer. When you are understandably apprehensive and anxious, the erectile mechanism tends not to work very well and is very unlikely to happen. From your description, it sounds as if your penis size falls within the normal spectrum. Regular masturbation is not unusual and doesn't help testicular cancer .

While no one knows what causes testicular cancer, it is known that masturbating too much is not a cause of this type of cancer. This is a disease that affects the cells of the testicles, which normally produce sperm and testosterone, a major male hormone.There are different kinds of cancer of the testicles because there are different types of cells that make up the totality of the testicles. Testicular cancer is a hard lump that is attached to the testicle itself. One testicle may appear bigger than the other or be filled with fluid sometimes there's pain sometimes not. If a man has tc I would assume he would go for treatment and he can resume his sex life just as it was before.

If you are diagnosed with testicular cancer, then the choice of treatment will depend on the type of cancer and how far it has progressed. The three main treatments for testicular cancer are: chemotherapy; radiotherapy; surgery. If testicular cancer is completely cured by treatment, there is still a risk it will return. Jan 27, 2009 · Frequent masturbation is a sign of higher prostate cancer risk in younger men, but a sign of lower risk in older men, a U.K. study shows.Author: Daniel J. Denoon.