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Send a Text Message to a Mobile Phone via Email. There are times when a text message gets better attention than an email. And then there are times when you’re not able to text from you phone — for example because you’re at your desk and your phone is elsewhere. In such cases, you can use your email program to fashion the 160-character message. Feb 16, 2011 · Someone asked about sending an SMS to a Virgin phone via e-mail, and it can be done via the following email extensions - substitute the Virgin number you want for 1234567890. Helpful if you want to send a friend, loved one, child, etc. an SMS message from e-mail.

In the To field, enter a contact name or 10-digit phone number. Tap the desired contact in the drop down menu. Tap the Type message field and enter the message. When finished, tap the Send icon. The text message is now sent. To exit the Messaging application, tap the Home icon. To open a received text message, from the home screen, tap the Messaging icon. My virgin phone is the only phone in my house. I live in Oliver B.C. and my cell is down for phoning and texting since mid morning today. Is there soon going to be restored service as other providers of neighbors are also down.

Send Free SMS to Virgin mobile. Virgin Mobile offers a special SMS text messenger service for its users. Participants can send and receive SMS text messages with just about anyone who owns a mobile phone, and even email to SMS. It's cheap and easy to send an SMS text message from your phone to anywhere in Canada or the US with Virgin Mobile. Jul 04, 2005 · Sending SMS through email is very easy. The key is knowing the correct email format to use. Using this information you can send text messages to the major mobile providers. Sending text messages through email is free for the sender. The receiver will pay his or her normal messaging .