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Oct 01, 2013 · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. The most common method of sperm collection for semen analysis or insemination is self-collection by masturbation and ejaculation into a sterile collection cup. Typically, the patient is given a clean private area that is stocked with erotic videotapes and magazines to assist with arousal. A similar.

Apr 15, 2008 · How to collect semen or sperm from a male dog. This is a hands on demonstration for dog breeders to learn how-to stimulate the dog's penis, slip a collection hood over the penis and then gather the sperm rich ejaculate. When semen collected exceeds orders we receive, we offer overrun discounts. Call after 11:00 pm CST on collection days for availability. Each boar has his overrun price listed - click on boar to view his price. Call for contract prices, volume discounts and breed specific pricing. Hi Point Genetics, Inc. was the first company to offer overrun.

Artificial Insemination & Breeding We carry catheters, semen bottles and bags, extender, AI Buddies for bottles or Cochette bags, the AI Plus and boar harness. Other products include shoulder-length gloves, microscope slides, O.B. lube and J-lube powder, collection gauze, Vacutainer blood tubes, Hog Mate Boar Odor Spray and coolers.4.5/5(126). Introduction Daily care and management of sires in an artificial insemination (AI) center can have a large influence on semen quality and sperm output. A typical boar produces from 1100 to 1200 doses of semen per year (22 doses/wk x 52 wks) and therefore, semen quality of a single sire influences a large number of matings and services per year.

Semen collection refers to the process of obtaining semen from male humans or other animals with the use of various methods, for the purposes of artificial insemination, or medical study (usually in fertility clinics).Semen can be collected via masturbation (e. g., from stallions and canids), prostate massage, artificial vagina, penile vibratory stimulation (vibroejaculation) and. Liquid semen is available from over 150 sires to help you meet your genetic needs. Boars representing the following commercial lines are housed at SGI: Purebred, Exotic, Terminal, Maternal, Meat Quality and Certified "Niche" Program animals. We also offer 40 sires that comprise our showpig program.